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  • Web Hosting Sign-up

    First step in signing up is to choose a domain you'd like to host. If you already own a domain you can simply enter it below and transfer it or search for a new domain.

    Step 1 - Domain Name

    Enter the domain name below to check availability:
  • Domain Registration

    Once you've found your domain, we can register it for you or you can register it yourself ( When we register NEW domains, we configure it to work with Google Apps at the same time. You will own the domain, we will just manage it for you.

    Google Apps for Domain E-mails - Recommended

    Here are some reasons to switch to Google Apps:

    • Unified e-mail inbox across all devices and computers for your
    e-mails.  ie.
    • E-mails are stored on the server and not on your computer
    • Send from one device and see in sent items folders for all
    • Contacts and Calendar sync allows you to add Contacts or
       Events on one device and shows on all devices
    • Push e-mails - get e-mails instantly pushed to your device
    • No data loss due to virus, computer upgrades, hard drive failures, your data is on the server
    • Get up and running quickly instead of having to restore from old backups, save time
    • 2 GB of data storage, up to 10 Free accounts
    • You can continue using your favorite e-mail program ie. Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.
    • Get back in business quicker even if you do regular back-ups
    • Ideal for travelers who need to send e-mails from hotels or other public areas

    ...and much more. Contact us for more information about setting this up for your business.


Google Apps